Sunday, January 31, 2010

.what a strange world we live in.

Recently I've had the sudden inspiration for several upcoming photography projects. just for fun and nothing to exciting.

1. photograph all my tshirts! I have so many and I can picture a cool collage with them all
2. my shoes - all photographed in different places
3. go up to the wheat fields with my friends after graduation in our caps and gowns and get cool pictures up there in the wind. Oh I can see it. What I have in my head is awesome!

Yup! So I'll start working on one of those for fun as soon as I'm done editing wedding pictures!

Today I worked all day. literally (10-6). I ran into my first real potential shoplifter. I won't go into the whole story, but lets just say that she was not very nice to me when I was trying to help her. Trying to prevent any problems, I told her that her husband (carrying a large lunch box) couldn't go into the fitting room with her because we only allowed "two-feet" per fitting room. She got very upset and called me a not so nice word. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation but I feel like I handled it well. 

Came home and finished my homework! First time in a while i'm going to really have a sunday off! No homework or work! WHOO hoooo! :)

Listened to a few songs with my mom that made me cry a little. Graduation type songs. I'm ready to be done with high school. I'm ready to have professors who treat me like an adult. Not a teacher who is constantly worried about you spilling your water or eating your m&ms in class. Ready to move on to a group of students who are in school because they want to be. I'm still not fully prepared to leave my family and friends behind though. I love them oh so much!
goodnight all.
love ya :)

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