Monday, February 1, 2010

.my life be like.

What a fantastic day! Filled with adventure and laughter and the wonderfullness of close friends!

I woke up this morning at 6:22, feeling wide awake. I didn't have to get up till 6:45, but I got up anyways. Took forever picking out clothes, then got ready. Rode to church with my mom and then taught my second grade Sunday school class. My kids are so awesome! Though they may get a little rowdy sometimes i love them to pieces!

at 11:45 Kaile picked me and Jayanah up and we headed over to Downtown Kennewick where we ate at the Sandstone Cafe. I was in the mood for trying a little cafe so we gave it a shot. Food was good, but the service was slow. I did like the atmosphere of the little small business. 

We walked around downtown kennewick for a little bit, stopping at antique places. I found this GORGEOUS bracelet at one of the antique shops that was like a brown thick leather bracelet with this really cool flower on top of it! Love it! Too bad its $89! Amazing what time will do to prices!

I saw this sticker on a window of a business - cracked me up! Haha Makes me laugh everytime I think of it...

We then headed to the playground of dreams to hopefully play on the swings. turns out the park is really busy on a sunday! Never got to swing on the tire swing, but did take some fun pictures while kids looked at us funny :)

Trying to decide what to do about our park problem, we decided to ride bikes. So we went to my house, got the bike tires pumped up and ready to go and headed out. Did I mention it was 50 degrees with sunshine today! Perfect day for some fresh air. We headed down Gage then turned onto some neighborhood streets and eventually arrived at a smaller park where we found Monica, Katie, and their Dad playing Tennis. What a surprise! =)

No swings open here either - so me and Jayanah stood on the Baby swings for a while. 

Actually, before arriving at the park, we stopped and went exploring in a 'woodsier' area on the side of the road. It didn't lead anywhere exciting, but It was a fun picture spot! Did I mention how I miss going exploring like I used to when I lived in Charlotte?  

After biking about 5 miles, we headed towards DQ where kaile and I used free kids meal Ice cream coupons to get ice cream. We parked our bikes in individual parking spots and boy did we get some funny looks!

Prior to DQ, Jayanah ended up falling off her bike into tumbleweeds. HAHA! Now you may think of me as not very nice to laugh but it was the irony of the situation. Kaile had just started talking about how a beginning of a movie she recently saw started with a man riding his bike and crashing. No later then the word crash did we turn around to find Jayanah in the tumbleweeds. We helped her up and started pulling all the thorns out of her. I must say that I started to laugh as I pulled thorns out of her face and pictured the Hyenas in Lion King with thorns in there faces.

Headed to McDonalds after DQ for Jayanah to get herself a free McFlurry. We attempted to go through drive through on our bikes, but it failed. We then laughed our way into McDonalds as Jayanah faced the people she just spoke with in drive through to place her order. 

Headed home where we cleaned up and went to church.

Overall a wonderful day! It was nice to relax and take a break. I needed a day like today to get myself going. Maybe pull myself out of some senioritis. 

At church tonight while worshiping God spoke to me about not only being a follower of Christ, but being a disciple. These two things are completely different! God want's me taking a stronger stand for my faith and making sure people are aware of what I believe. I pray I can take on this challenge that God has for me now. 

goodnight my friends.

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