Tuesday, February 2, 2010

.piercing God's heart.

fortune cookie for the day:
"The stock market may be your ticket to success."

Hmmm....to take into consideration or not to take into consideration? That is the question. Today Monnie, Kaile, Jayanah and I made our weekly lunch run to Winco. Seriously the best place for lunch! So many options! Everytime though, we all buy a 6 cent fortune cookie and open them at the same time when we get back to the school. It's tradition :) I will miss this with my bests when I go off to college.

After school I got to take on one of many Kamiakin high schooler's dreams...go up to the top of the library! :) I took the top ten senior picture from up there as they looked up at me. It turned out pretty cool. The ladder to go up there was STRAIT! up and was very high! Once you got to the top you had to step over on to a ledge that was like a foot and a half away. Nerve racking! But totally worth it! haha

A heavy topic still on my heart...

"Piercing God's Heart"

You're weird,
you're fat,
you dress funny
and hang out with losers.

Words burn your ears
as they are spoken to your back.

This is what you hear as you listen
and watch yourself judge
that stranger- the one who's eyes
you are now looking though.

How does it feal now?
To have those words
spoken to you.

The pain-
its on you now.
The laughter -
it's on you now.
It's all -
on you now.

We are created equal by God.
When you judge,
you are judging God.
you are piercing the heart
with your bare hands,
of God's creation.
God's heart.

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