Thursday, January 28, 2010

.sportin the minivan.

Today was an ok day - found out I'm going to have to pay at least $300 to get my car fixed, and then it won't be done till next week sometime. :( Until then i'll be begging for rides of friends or sportin the minivan! My mom has been amazing enough the past couple days so I can get to and from school and work. Such a blessing.

Took the minivan to DQ at lunch with Monnie, Kaile, and Jayanah. Kid's chicken strip meal - my favorite!

Speaking of favorites, here a few of the random things I love in life:

-Water bottles: Last year I got into the habit of drinking tons of water daily. Now I love getting new water bottles! Today, I finally received my one from work that a got with the points I earned off my sales :) (on left) So excited to use it tomorrow :) My roommates going to hate me when I want to bring all these to college - because I do use them all.
-DQ: favorite fast food restaurant
-Owl City: one of my favorite relax artists
-Shawn Mcdonald and JJ Heller: favorite worship artists
-Photography: my passion
-Nikon Cameras: the only true camera
-My job: at maurices. So blessed to be working on a good team!
-Graphic Design: found out I get to go to the national journalism convention in April because of being in yearbook! Should be an awesome experience - both for fun and learning! There's going to be workshops on all sorts of stuff - including photoshop :)
-Music in general: brighten's my day
-high heals: the only real show I know of
-fun clothing combination's: love putting together fun outfits!
-Jesus: sounds cliche. But its not. My strength and my peace for life.
-Church family: I love them! Great support in my walk with God
-My friends: so blessed to realize they are a big priority in my life
-My family: my support for life
-Chad: my awesome man who I've been with for over 3 years :)

more to come...just a few for now.

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