Sunday, January 24, 2010

.snowboarding with monnie and why God made humans.

Even though I woke up to monnie's phone call at 7:20, when I was supposed to be at her house at 7:15am, today was a great day! I went up to white pass with Monnie and her family to go snowboarding! I had so much fun! Despite the fact that Monnica can do toe-side and I can't. I'll work on that fear though. haha I borrowed a board from Kristan which worked out great! I hope to borrow it for church camp and maybe use the money I was going to use for rentals towards a new pair of goggles (mine keep fogging up). It was really windy up there and I'm horrible at getting off the lift (no matter how many times I've done it), but I still had fun. I'm so glad she took me :)

Perfect snowboarding play list: Paramore and Brazen Layver


 Continued to read on in Genesis on the creation of humans. I'm so thankful that God did not create one person, but two. God wanted us to know what it means to hold true friendships and relationships and to model the relationship he wants to have with us. I thank God everyday for my mom and dad, Mark, Chad, my close friends, and everyone else who means so much to me in my life.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the last semester of my high school career, as well as for many others who may read this blog. Made the most of it. Don't get stressed about school work, and realize there are bigger things in life then our grades (I'm not telling you to flunk though). If your trying your hardest, and that truly is your hardest, then what good does it do to stress. These are the last moments we will walk these hallways. Meet new people, catch up with people you stopped talking to when you hit high school, build stronger
relationships with your best friends. They are the ones you will remember in high school, not your 4.0 GPA.

goooodnight :)

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