Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.carpe diem.

6th hour today Conner's mom came into yearbook to drop pictures off for his PDA. She was trying to stay strong but yet you could still tell at moments she struggled to hold tears in. I had gone over to talk about his PDA, and she gives me a Huge hug - one of those tight hugs that makes you just want to hold on longer. As she hugged me she said, "thank you. That picture means so much." 

these word's nearly bring tears to my eyes. How could my simple encouragement of Conner's spirit at one football game have such an impact on her, I wonder. She said that he was so excited over that trash can and the pictures he got out of it.  Her few words make you realize that every little action you do in life can make a difference in someone Else's life - whether it's positive or negative. How would I know that moment that I encouraged would impact his mom so much later on in the school year.

she told us that when meals were brought to their house after the funeral, all they could think about was Conner's bright person saying, "Hey mom! Look at all this food! It's awesome! What's for dinner tonight???" They are finding strength through the joy that he had in life. When she made a comment about the PDA and what they wanted to say, she corrected herself saying, "no, it can't be sad. Conner wouldn't want that. He's a happy person."

What strength his family has. I pray that God teaches me strength for my little hardships in life as I watch their family stay strong through such a hard thing. 

Remember -
EVERY little thing you do will have an impact one Someone's life. Don't forget that.

On to a lighter topic! I have number 6 UPTs (unit per transaction) in the district for Maurices! If I was in the top five I would have gotten a free 3mnth Net Flix prescription and would have been entered in the drawing to go to the district office and help make a video for training. That would be an awesome job opportunity and would be exciting! :) So close!

I get my car tomorrow! Over $400 later....

Goodnight All,

Ps... I love all the blankets I have. So cozy warm :) I confess. I would Like a snuggie so I can easily 'snuggle' up and do my homework hehe.

top to bottom: Blanket from Guadalajara mission trip that I bought because It was freezing at night at the church we were staying at (on YWAM mission trip 2 summers ago)

fleece blanket: the first one I ever made! I had wanted to make one for forever and got stuff  to make one last Christmas.

My bed spread - lovely bright colors

Warm quilt - got at the missions auction that I helped serve at a couple years ago.

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