Thursday, February 11, 2010

.kleenex and sleep.

woke up this morning, wishing I could lie in bed for a lot longer! My lack of sleep and time to rest has finally caught up to me as I sit here sniffling, getting ready to take cold medicine, and knowing that I am staying home tomorrow to rest. Getting sick is God's way of showing us to slow down and take time to relax and sleep! Why didn't I realize that the last time I was sick this year. (I never used to get sick this often)

I will relate it to my psychology in terms that our physical health and stress effect how strong our immune system is. 

Today I came home after 5th hour and slept. I enjoyed mac and cheese for dinner :) and then went to work.

I'm in the mood to shop - bargain shop. Like go to value village and find an incredible deal! Maybe after work tomorrow If I feel better.

goodnight all!  I'll get back into blogging in more depth after I get better. 

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