Thursday, February 11, 2010

.the sun will come out, tomorrow!.

I never knew that two-school days could be so eventful! Sorry for not blogging yesterday! My explanation will come after the explanation of my 21 hour day yesterday (6 of that being driving in a car!

So yesterday Jayanah and I woke up bright and early  at 4am to get ready for free grand slam breakfasts at Dennys! I went last year, and thought It was worth it to make a tradition for years to come! We pulled into the parking lot of Denny's about 5:55am and got in line with Kaile. What looked like a long line only ended up taking about 15 minutes. Thank goodness! We were chilly and hungry but it was well worth the wait as we sat down and ate our delicious FREE breakfast. What a huge publicity stunt this if for Denny's! It has become a growing event - last year I went with Leo, Jessica, Shannon and some other Seniors from the ASB class and we walked strait in at 6am - no crowd. Not the case this year thought!

We arrived at the school at 7am with warm food in our stomachs. Made the day all the better!

Day went on as usual.

6th hour I have yearbook. It was spent rushing around trying to figure out who could go to the freshman and sophomore games in Wenatchee that night. It was not till the last 10 minutes of class that I volunteered only because no one else was going to be able to go and that I didn't have to work that night.

SOOO! relaying back and forth between my mom and dad trying to get permission and getting Kaile to go with me, I got permission. Wenatchee is about a 2 1/2 hour drive one way.

I went home and hurried to get all my photography stuff together and check over my car. Waited for Kaile to get to my house -then left in a hurry headed down Vantage. We arrived at what we thought was the sophomore game 2 hours later (putting us there at about 6pm). After the game was over, we realized it was JV that we had just photographed! After a little stress and rush, we found out sophomores and freshman were playing over at the middle school. So we zig zagged our way through neighborhoods till we found the middle school and arrived in time to photography the sophomore game. I believe we got some pretty good shots.

After an intense game of a lot of pushing, falling, and penalties, Braves won and Kaile and I headed out! We searched forever to find a gas station in Wenatchee. Apparently there's two (or that we could find haha) - 76 and Shell.

We decided to go through the pass because It was two lanes instead of one for most of the way. We prayed before we left which was probably very good considering I didn't have experience driving through the pass at night before. I think it went smoothly though.

Arrived at Minors at about 11:30am. Waited in drive through for forever so kaile could get a cup of ice cream and I a chocolate fudge milkshake.

We got home at exactly 12:15am. The last hour was spent talking nonsense in order to stay awake. I honestly do not remember much of what we did talk about.

1:00am I climbed in bed and don't even remember closing my eyes.

Today was an average day at school. Started it off with a skinny double chocolate mocha from Dutch Bros. I had a caffeine/tired high for a majority of the day.

This evening my family and I went to Yakima to go see the Broadway musical 'Annie.' We got up there, ate minors, and found the theater. The theater was so cool! It was an old one that had been burned down at one point and rebuilt to look somewhat like the original. It had cool fine details.

The musical was AWESOME! the sets were incredible - so lifelike, making you feel there.

Annie used to be one of my favorite movies as a kid. One in which Rachel and Jacquelyn and I (my friends from North Carolina) used to watch and sing and act out to. It brought back great movies and was a lot of fun! Made me want to get involved in drama in college. lol

I'm now home. Writing in my blog! and heading off to bed after to very long and tiring days. Feeling like I'm missing something but idk....
goodnight all!

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