Saturday, February 13, 2010

.without a twinkle.

my day started at 9am =) How wonderful it was to sleep in! Despite the fact that I was sleeping in because I was sick.

Tonight I received a Valogram from Chad! I must say that it is much more awkward receiving one in your house instead of at school! It was great though...they sang 'My Girl.' Thanks Chad!

Edited pictures from the Wenatchee's a few


I have a tendency to people watch and notice people's emotions. The other night we had gone to the musical Annie in Yakima. Outside the theater, as we waited amongst other people for the doors to open, stood a older gentleman playing an old violin. A glass jar was set in his violin case for people to place their coins in as wanted.  He was heavier and wore cackie pants with a plaid shirt and navy blue jacket. He had large glasses and a full white beard. You would think of such man as charismatic - I mean he did stand in front of the theater playing music for those who waited. But if you looked beyond your first impression, you would notice his eyes lacked a twinkle. His mouth and beard felt no grin, but were saddened by being slightly turned down. His forehead muscles were slightly tightened. The man was lonely.

I don't know if he has anyone at home. Or if he has lost someone close to him in his lifetime. All I know was that his loneliness made me sad. I felt God pushing me to talk to him and ask how he was. But did I? No - why? fear. I regret this.

Yes, it would have been awkward, but this man needed someone to talk to him. Why else would God have pushed me. Notice the lonely faces around you. There are many. Listen to God's voice and if He tells you to take interest in them, do it. Push past your fear. I pray that God will give me strength next time.


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