Sunday, February 28, 2010


What an awesome night at identity youth! God is really moving through there and doing something huge! He has filled each life there with a new passion for God and I'm excited to see what he has going on!

I come away after a good time of worship and hearing what God is doing in everyone's life renewed with joy and passion! Our God is an amazing God and he deserves priority in my life. I need to make Him that. God laid it on my heart to talk to someone at school I've been holding some bitterness against. This is the only way God said that I will overcome that bitterness. To ask them for forgiveness for something they don't know about. Even when I may not agree with their decisions, I don't have the right to hold these things so strongly against them. I know that God will give me strength and that my life group girls will keep me accountable.

I need to focus more on getting to spend time with God DAILY! he's an awesome God.

I'll post my picture tomorrow....

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