Tuesday, March 2, 2010


my last day for sugar! and I took advantage of it! haha. Lunch I enjoyed cupcakes made by Kaile. 4th hour I had made cupcakes for my psych class for an experiment I did. and This evening I had a bowl of my favorite ice cream - chocolate chip cookie dough! =) I've decided to take out all unnatural sugars until I leave for Disneyland. that's about 25 days. I can do that! Right? I hope.... I decided to do this because I have way to big of tendency to snack when I'm sitting here doing homework.

today I rolled with the punches. Several conflicts came up against us in ASB regarding star search. But we worked around everything and things went on as normal - for the most part.

After school I went and bought gladiator sandals and a new dress that can be worn for work, easter, and spring in general. i'm very excited for it.

Tonight I ran star search rehearsals which I feel they ran pretty decent. I then spent the night making a quick video for star search. You'll see it later :)

I can't wait to stop and sleep for a while. I average 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night.

God is still challenging me to talk to this person. It's going to be even harder then I thought.But I know He will give me the courage.

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