Tuesday, March 2, 2010

.the evil of AP Physics.

the weather recently has been gorgeous here lately! In the low 60s! It's awesome!

Lately I've been starting off each day with a cup of hot tea. I think I've finally allowed myself to like it! Before I never liked it, but I liked the idea of having a cup of tea. So I drank it till I liked it. Weird huh? This morning I had raspberry.

School was good! Had good news on the starsearch trophies - they are going to be here in time! That was relieving! Started making the program for star search! I'm so excited for it! When I start makign things and it turns out exactly how I pictured it in my head, I get excited. Graphic Design is my art! I love it! =)

After school I went and made Physics test corrections! Brought my grade up from an 87 to a 93! OH YEAH! Now if I can only maintain that... I swear Garrett almost gave Miss tillenburg an anxiety attack when He started stressing and complaining about how it wasn't possible for him to get an "A." How cow that AP Physics class is hard. I need a tutor.

I worked this evening. I had the floor to myself while my manager did reference checks for several people in the spot of assistant manager. Didn't get an MCs, but did have a $1400 day!

I came home and Bible read about job. I need to find a time during the day in which I spend only time with God. This is really important to me.


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