Sunday, March 28, 2010

.Anaheim here I come! day 2.

Another great day in sunny California! This morning we all got up and ready by 7am. At 7, we went down stairs from our hotel and ate breakfast! Oh how I love continental breakfasts! Bagels and Cream Cheese, a Banana, Eggs, Potatoes, Orange Juice....probably way to much food compared to my normal breakfast! But hey! I'm on vacation, right?

My first view of Sacramento in day light was a hotel parking lot. But as I stepped out side, the fresh air felt, and smelled wonderful. the air was slightly chilled, but not cold enough to wear a coat. We all climbed into our van after breakfast, and headed to Wal-mart, where my Dad bought a new electric razor to replace the one he dropped and broke in the hotel this morning. While mom and dad had gone into Wal-mart, I enjoyed getting out of the van, taking pictures of the palm tree filled parking lot! Oh how beautiful palm trees are! They bring back so many good memories - our annual summer trip to Mertyl Beach in South Carolina when we lived there, my mission trips to Mazatlan and Guadalajara, Mexico, and the trip I took last summer to Texas. They are such a symbol in my life for great memories! Their contrasting leaves against the blue cloud filled sky brings me joy!

But that's enough about palm trees :)! We hit the road hoping to only make a lunch stop and one or two bathroom stops. We had an 8 hour drive ahead of us (though much better then the 12 hours from yesterday). But as we were driving, my dad excitingly pointed out the Bass Pro Shop that was just off the highway. Being 10 minutes before they opened, we decided to stop. We had one in the south when we lived in North Carolina and it was always one of my Dad's favorite stores. As we entered, it was probably one of the biggest Bass Pro Shops I have ever seen. It had a high sealing, with stuffed animals along a rocky and grassy setting. There was an aquarium in the back of the store. My dad picked out his Bass Pro Shop hat and we left. (He hadn't gotten a new one since we left Charlotte, NC.

We continued to drive....
and drive.....
and drive....

to be honest, it didn't look much different then the drive to tri-cities. It was very dry and deserty! One thing that did shock me was that on one side of the road, orchards and vineyards were thriving and green, where as on the other side of the road, everything was dusty and dead. Apparently, in California, the government has been shutting off the water of certain farmer's land. A group had sued against the farmers for using all the water up, saying that all the fish were dying. Pretty much, unless the farmer has prepared for this and built his own well, this kills all of his crops, leaving a dry dust bowl of nothing. It pretty much brings the farmer to bankruptcy and forces him and his family off his property. On farmers fields were lined with posters against "Costa" and protesting out loud about the shutting off of the water. This particular farmer had a pro-life poster on his property.  So to save a few fish, the government has cut of the water supply to farmers and has put farmers bankrupt  and in a state of despair. This makes me so sad! Seeing the dry land - knowing that they had worked so hard for everything they had - knowing that some of those farms had probably been in the family for generations.

We continued on for miles and miles of this dry land. We took the next exit we found to fill up on gas and get food because we knew there would not be another exit for at least an hour. Well, that hour of hunger might had been worth it! We stopped in the gas station while my dad filled up the car and went to the bathroom. 3/4 of the toilets were clogged so we decided to go over to McDonalds. Well after waiting in a long line for the bathroom amongst other travelers, we then got our food. Only first they forgot our salads. Then we realized that they never gave us dressing or croutons for the salads. Then we noticed that there were no forks or napkins on the counter so we had to go ask for those. And then we realized they hadn't given me my drink. Things were just tossed on the counter and the people working there could really care less about what we were talking about. Since this experience, we have decided to not stop at McDonalds again on this trip. Or ever! haha

We finally started to drive through Las angelas county. driving on the highway, or sitting in traffic should be more like it, we saw "Bueno Vista St." and "Hollywood Drive" and many studios and rich houses. It would have been so cool to take more time through this area and actually turn onto these streets and just see what it was like in real life. We kept pushing on towards Disney though. We finally reached Disney Way and exited on, where we saw a few rides off in the distance and a "Character" bus in which they carry they're performers back and forth. Before pulling in to the Residence Inn, we saw the bus that took people back and forth to Disney land (a bus advertising for Toy Story 3).

The temperature was 83 degrees when we pulled in, after checking in and settling in, Jayanah and I went and sat by the outdoor pool and hot tub. Amazing that it was 5oclock and warm!

At 6, we met some family at the Cheesecake factory. It was my first time there and boy was it delicious! I enjoyed pasta with the biggest shrimp I've ever eaten or seen in my whole life! Jayanah and I topped off our food with white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake! WOW! the best cheesecake I had ever tasted. Not to sweet, but just right! 

Jayanah and I went and walked around the block while they finished up visiting. Nothing much but hotels and restaurants. We did come across the gate to Disney Land Adventure!
AHHHH! Can't wait till tomorrow!

We got back to the residence inn, went to the hot tub for a while, got our bags ready for tomorrow, and now I'm writing. 

Overall, an amazing day.. I have equal expectations for tomorrow to be great! Yet I know I will be overwhelmed by everything. 
For now, 

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