Thursday, April 1, 2010

first day in disney land!

Amazing! I'm not going to end up writing as much as I would have liked, because I am sitting here about to fall sleep. But Disney really was magical!

This morning we got up nice and early, with our backpacks packed and headed to breakfast. French toast with strawberries! All excited, Jayanah and I pulled out our park maps and decided that we would head to Space Mountain first and get fast passes.

We quickly walked the two blocks to Disneyland and stood in line at the gate. Kids had on their mickey mouse ears and their princess dresses on. I felt more excited then all of the kids around me! I guess this is because I used to pray for this as a child.

Once in the park, we rushed to Space Mountain where we found a small line and decided to just wait the 10 minutes instead of getting a fast pass. The first ride we ever rode in Disney! Everything around us had so many details! The light fixtures, the places in which you wait in line.... it was all thought through perfectly...

We excitingly climbed on space mountain not knowing what to expect. Riding through the dark on a roller coaster, ending the ride with cameras flashing in my eyes, I quickly determined it was an amazing ride!

We then headed to The Buzz Light year Astro Blaster ride... we walked right onto this ride. It was neat, but not worth its normal hour long wait.

We had ridden 5 rides withing  the two hours we had gotten there. The day continued to be great! We finished all the rides we wanted to in Disney Land.

I was expecting the castle to be a little bigger, because all you ever see is the Cinderella Castle from Disney World that they always advertise, but it was still beautiful!

Oh! And the bathrooms in the castle were decorated in Alice in Wonderland... the doors of the stalls were cards! haha

We of course road the tea cups!

the jungle cruise was great! We had a funny cruise director...

Pirates of the Caribbean was a great ride! Filled with tons of details!

I met Jasmine, Fox, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty!

Jayanah and I went and watched the Celebrate: A street party parade. It was great! We actually got pulled out to dance with the characters and stuff. haha it was fun!

We ended the night with the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen in my life! Wow! they truly were magical! I was able to take continuous shots with my camera so I'm eventually going to put a picture video together...
Time for bed!
Another full day ahead of me tomorrow!

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