Thursday, April 1, 2010

.day 4 California Adventure.

Rise and Shine! It's 5am on vacation and its time to get up and ready to make it over to the park by 7am. Vacation? lol Yes, this morning, with the tickets my mom bought, we got one early morning. What that means is that you get to go in early to the main Disneyland Park. It really didn't feel like it was early though because only a small section of the park was open and tons of people were there early too.

When we got there though we rode Space Mountain and the bobsleds. I loved riding these rides with my family. Especially hearing my Dad and brother scream out of fun! :I found it really funny!

At 10am, we headed over to California adventure! I loved this park! It was really neat! We first headed over to Hollywood studios! Where Jayanah and I rode monsters inc. while there was no line. i loved how everything was set up like a back lot!

I had two favorite rides on this side - Carolina Screamer is the first one. i love roller coasters! This one was very smooth. i liked how we could take our backpacks on all of the rides, even the coast. We were able to get a fast pass for the coaster every time and we stood no longer then 10 minutes every time.

My second favorite on this side was Tower of Terror! It was not as horrible as everyone makes it seem, but just how serious and realistic everything is made makes it amazing! i loved it! rode it three times!

I did meet Mickie, Goofy, and Pluto!

That afternoon we went and saw an Aladin play that they had. It had a twist on it and had many modern jokes that made fun of trends and people such as Lady Gaga. I really enjoyed it!

Oh! While in line to The californina Simulator, we saw a guy who looked like Joey Lawrence! Maybe it is, maybe it isn't,  but either way he looks like someone important and maybe an actor! haha.....

I had always heard the Disney's Electrical Parade song when I was little. I actually got to see it! :) Right before it started, we sat waiting on the edge of the street. It was cute to see kids running in the streets dancing, playing with glow stick swards, and bubbles! It was very neat though...

that's all for tonight!

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