Thursday, April 1, 2010

.last day in disney.

The Last day in Disney was spent riding my favorite rides over again....
they included:
-Space mountain
-California Screamin
-The teacups of cource
-Indiana Jones
-Splash Mountain
-It's a Small world
-tower of terror
-The railroad
-The Bobsleds

Of course there were other s but these were my favorites out of all the rides.

Our last ride of the night was Indiana Jones. Jayanah, Dad and I ended up all being in the front row. Being the last ride we made the most of it! I started to yell at JAyanah the entire road as she "drove" and I sat in the passenger seat. I'm not sure if people were laughing at us or the ride. It was so much fun though!

I'm exhausted so I am headed to bed.
So goodnight!

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