Sunday, March 28, 2010

.spring break in cali day 1.

this morning we woke up nice and early! I was up by 3:30 so we could all get showered and out the door by 5am. We rented a toyota Sienna van which is nice and spacey and comfortable! Dad got into the drivers seat, mom next to him in the passenger seat, Jayanah behind mom and me next to Jayanah and mark spread out with his dvds in the back seat!

The day consisted of a 12 hour drive to Sacrament, California. It took us a long time with all of our little stops. No one seemed to have to go to the bathroom at the same time.

though I had a bag of stuff next to me that I could have done, I spent almost the entire day just sitting in the car, listening to music, talking with the family, and watching the scenery change as we drove. It was awesome to relax!

When in Eugene, Oregon filling up the gas tank, we did find out that it is now against the law to top off your gas tank in Oregon. Something about adding to polition. if you do, you'll get fined. haha! only in oregon.

It was my first time in California, as well as Jayanah and my mom, so as we approached the border, we pulled our cameras and video cameras, turned on the song "California" by Hawk Nelson, and snapped pictures as we drove by the "Welcome to California" sign. It was funny :)

 We stopped to see take some pictures of Mount Shasta! So beautiful!

We stopped at this little town called Yreka, California. It was an old mining town that was very cute.

Passed through Weed, California...

And finally arrived at our hotel in Sacramento. I'm excited to see what it looks like in the morning. Being 8:30 and dark I'm not quite aware of what everything looks like! We settled in, ordered pizza, and swam in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub.

Overall, an awesome day! Filled with relaxation and good family time. :)

a tractor in a field at sunset as we enter California.

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