Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.day at the river.

Today was Senior Skip day! And to be honest I needed it - almost like a mental health day. It has been such a relief and break to have had these past 4 days off. Though part of it was spent working, I enjoyed all the time at home.

Today I woke up and finished the Dance and cheer yearbook page. Once that was done, I hurried to get ready, packed a quick sandwich, and headed out the door with Jayanah. Kaile, Monica, Jayanah and I met at the thumbnail where we headed down to the thumbnail to take pictures. Here a few below :) others are on kailes more to come

After taking pictures, we pulled out our picnic lunch and sat on (or next to) a bench that faced the water. What a wonderful breeze with the sun shining on our faces. Kaile brought a huge cookie for us all to share - delicious! :)

After finishing our lunches, we headed up to the uptown mall where we stopped and looked at several antique shops. This one we found had the cutest jewelry for a pretty good price! Decided to save me money. Clip on earnings for $3, Brooches for $8, and Many necklaces for only $12! They even had some fun vintage hats and clothing.  They had a fun house mirror and a lot of cute furniture that made me think of how cool it would be to have such furniture in my own house someday.

We continued to walk around the uptown mall - stopped at the bead shop where we each bought a butterfly ring for 50 cents to remember our day. I also bought this cute orange bead for a $1 to make a cute Hemp necklace for the summer! Cute beads, but expensive!

Went to Bagels and Geleto for the first time! I got a wild berry fruit smoothie that was delicious! Tried a bagel that Kaile bought - seriously one of the best bagels I have ever eaten! So soft and delicious!

After dropping Monica and Jayanah off at the car so Monica could drop Jayanah at home fore she went to Kamaikin for tennis., Kaile and I drove up to miles and walked along the river. My feet our sore from the walk thanks to the fact I went barefoot part of the way - I guess I need to break in my feat for summer anyways! right? haha

I went to work - slow day.

During work my mom stopped by with an unoppened envelope that held my financial aid info in it. She was so nervous and impatient about opening it soon that she stopped by. Haha Ended up with $16,700in scholarship and one loan. I'm excited! Makes everything much more real.

After work I rushed over to all city tallent show rehearsal. I was late because of work, so It was a little overwhelming walking  in to everyone

Went home, had strawberry shortcake with the family, and then watched "Monsters vs. aliens on with Gabby and Stephanie.
Now I'm vary tired  and going to bed - goodnight!

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