Friday, March 19, 2010

.first time sewing.

Day of FREEDOM! Today felt like a productive day. Woke up early, got ready and had fruit loops for breakfast, and headed of a to a meeting at 395 Starbucks for all city talent show (which is next Thursday at 6:30pm). It was very productive! Got a set list of all the performers and worked out other tiny little details. Lasted about an hour and I felt very good about what we accomplished.

I spent the majority of the afternoon working on my $5 value village dress! I bought it the other day, deciding that I felt like being creative AND learning to sew. It seemed like a pretty good first project. It's not perfect - but it turned out for the most part what I imagined in my head! I'm excited to wear it!


So what do you think?

I watched the movie "Everybody's Fine" for the first time tonight with Jayanah. It was a sad movie but had a very good message. Make connections with your family and be someone that they can talk to. 

That's it for tonight!


  1. you looked beautiful in your dress today! did you teach yourself how to sew?!