Thursday, March 18, 2010

.sun flares.

What an awesome day! This morning Jayanah and I woke up really early for a day that we didn't have school till 10:30. We drove over to badger mountain in the dark and waited patiently for the rest of the group to show up. at 6:10, Jayanah, Eric, Jaxson, Victoria, Nichole, Kaylee, Abby, and I all started to make our way up the trail with cameras, blankets, orange juice, a guitar, and other breakfast snacks. Reaching the halfway point the sun began to rise. Gorgeous! All the city lights shining bright against the contrasting navy and coral sky. Reminded me of the song City on Our Knees by Toby Mac

After making it to the top we spread out the blankets, pulled out the guitar and cameras, and sat in front of God's amazing sunset and ate breakfast. Though it was 30 degrees, it was worth it! We pulled out a Bible Victoria brought and read a couple Bible verses. There is could not have been a much inspirational moment for it. the guitar was in desperate need of tuning and we weren't able to tune it right, so it sat next to us. Jaxson desperatly tried to get rid of his half a gallon of orange juice, but because it was so cold he still ended up carrying it back down.

We hung out up there for about 45 minutes and made our way back down, running most of the way. Overall, success!

School went well, only three classes. Went to lunch and bought Sushi from Winco - pretty good! It satisfied me.

tonight I went to work and closed with one of our new assistant manages and sales associates. It was weird showing them how to do stuff, but cool being able to do that, when I was just in there place 8 months ago. It was fun though :)

Oh and bought new sunglasses from walmart for a couple dollars!

time for bed friends,
goodnight :)

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