Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.missing mexico.

This morning I again got up and watched the gospel music channel as I ate my marshmallow maties and drank my raspberry tea. Here is one video I really enjoyed watching. It has a good message. Hopefully it works, youtube wouldn't let me embed it.

Please check it out: Hands - by the Almost

It really makes you think that whatever you are going through in life, it's important to praise God through it all. Also, that we should use our hands to help those in need.

It reminds me of a Hispanic couple I saw at Value Village this evening. there son was in the cart playing with a couple cars that they were buying him. On the counter was three bags of clothes - enough for a family. I have a deep feeling that this is where they shop when they are in need of clothes, or anything else that could be bought second hand, they go to value village. My heart went out for them. If this is the case, I pray that God pours his blessings over there lives and that they will see his love and mercy and find the true God who loves and shelters all.

I rode bike to school with Jayanah this morning. It was four miles one way and took us a little under 20 minutes against wind and with traffic. It was fun and I felt so much more energized when I arrived at school. It reminded me of how we used to walk everywhere when i was in Mexico for a month.

Wow, everything seems to remind me of Mexico. Amazing how you can miss a place so much. I sure pray that God gives me the opportunity to go again and work and play with those beautiful families and children. If you've never been down to Mexico on a mission trip I would encourage everyone to go. It's such an awesome experience.

I went to lunch with Kaile, Monica, and Jayanah - the traditional Winco with French bread, cheese, and fortune cookes :) Today monica decided to add peeps to the mix.

After school I worked on homework and then after dinner I went to Value village, JoAnns, and Target with Jayanah. I bought this cute patterned dress from Value Village for $4.99. It has shoulder pads and comes down to my ankles! haha I plan on remaking it into a really cute dress on Friday. I will take before and after pictures :) And a really cute pin for $3 - its vintage =)

I spent some awesome time with God tonight. This is when I truly feel at peace.
when I'm having my quiet time with God.
well, I'm off to an early bed,

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