Wednesday, March 17, 2010

.warm sunshine and crystal water.

I wish I had pictures to post for the day, but I neglected my duty and let kaile do the picture taking today. What a day - filled with absolute joy and later complete frustration.

this morning I started off this gorgeous day with breakfast with my girls - Kaile, Monica, Katie, and Jayanah. Before they arrived I went down stairs and started the coffee and hotwater, set the table (like for a family breakfast =) ) and then started making toast. I turned on the gospel music channel and enjoyed some good music before they arrived. They got to my house at about 8:30. When they arrived we made scrambled eggs, bacon, the rest of the toast, and delicious fruit salad consisting of apples, bananas, oranges, vanilla yogurt and strawberry banana yogurt. The fruit salad was by far the best part of the breakfast :) There is something about these mornings that fills me with joy. Whether it be the slowing down of life or the close relationships around me, I love 'em.

After breakfast we Hawaii planned! so awesome! Getting more and more excited as the days come.

School consisted of 25 minutes classes. seemed kind of worthless to me. I spent lunch eating and enjoying the sunshine outside with Monica, Kari, Kaile, and Jayanah. In attempt to get tan, we rolled up our jeans - though it didn't work out as great as planned. haha

after school, Jayanah and I went and bought fruit to make a delicious fruit salad again for the certified staff brunch in the morning. We then went and got slurpees and then picked kaile up.

the whole time driving with the windows down and country music blaring as the warm breeze of the 70 degree weather came through the windows.

We headed down to two rivers park - out towards Finley. It is my favorite spot in the world. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The water crystal clear. The sky bright blue. The sun shining bright. It's too bad that I spent the time doing homework instead of having fun. It was a relaxing environment.

This evening I worked on more AP lit homework. That class is so overwhelming right now by the amounts of homework that she gives. And then, while writing my novel report,, I lost it 6 times - every time I went to save it. I tried so many differant ways to save my work and get the program to work - but I found no solution. Right now I'm feeling kind of down - 4 hours wasted on a paper that didn't even get finished and in which I could have been doing other things.. And an unknown problem with my computer.

I'm headed to bed now and determined that the sun will shine bright in the morning.
goodnight =)

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