Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.a new found peace.

At winter camp, God had told me that in order to connect with him at a whole new level I needed to get rid of all my bitterness in my heart to those around me. It's been a challenge to get to that point. A step by step process. Every 15 Minutes seriously helped me reach it.

By being involved in Every 15 Minutes I learned how important those are around us. How quickly our time could end on this earth. I instantly bonded with 20 other people in which I have a new found heart for them at school. It's differant now. I don't know what - but God has put my heart to peace.

At school I walk around and I don't see people any different any more. Each person is equal - but each one of them is beautiful! They hold so many characteristics that make me smile, laugh, and be filled with joy. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but this is reality.

Wow, whatever was between my mom and I has been completely lifted. I feel like I can talk to her and I appreciate all those things she does so much more. I feel like something is different on her end too. It's just awesome.

My dad and I are starting to begin to talk more. It's not so awkward any more.

Something has been broken between my brother and I too. I feel like there is no tension. I thank God for this because I know He did some work in my brothers heart too.

I know what God means now when He said I needed to remove bitterness towards my other relationships in order to get closer to Him. My heart is full of an indescribable peace. =)

Today I bought a few new things for work - capris, sweater and cute tank, capri dress pants, cute top, and a dress. Fun things for work, school, Hawaii, summer and even into next fall. Bummer I had to put out the money, but I didn't want to get in trouble for my clothes not being completely to standard. I bought my first pair of Silvers that were not on clearance. capris - normally $62, I got them for $31. AWESOME! I plan on wearing them to Disney Land when I go in two weeks with the family for Spring Break.

Breakfast in the morning with my girls!
Night night!

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