Sunday, March 14, 2010

.doll house.

Yesterday on my way home I was thinking. I was thinking how God views us as human beings. Is he happy with us? Do we please him? To him, do we look like tiny little people that are moving. Is it like a child's perspective on a doll house? Or like the view the George had of Stewart Little?

Just like a child has the ability to move a doll from room to room, God could of had the chance to  move us along life as he pleased. But he gave us the gift of free will. He could reach down, and whenever were in a bad situation, move us to another room where we are supposed to be. A funny way to put it huh? In stead, God sits up in heaven watching his children make their mistakes, hoping that they will come back to him and just ask him to help them. God could take control of the situation, but it takes us asking God and trust that he won't drop us.

just something I've been thinking about as I try to grasp different perspectives on life.

Lost an hour of sleep last night, but got more sleep then normal because I set my alarm an hour early. Then when I went to go to sleep for another hour, It turned into too. haha I got to church in time though to teach my kids :) Starlight Station is a new series we just started with the kids. It looks good sort

After church I went to work. Work went well!

Came home,  ate dinner, and then went on a walk with mom. It's nice having homework done by Sundays, it also gave me the opportunity to go to Apple Bees with my life group girls after church :)

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