Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.every little thing, is gonna be alright.

What an awesome day to just catch up. tonight I did not have to work. The first school night in a while that I did not have anything specific. Recently my room had become a disaster - clothes piled up on my couch, desk covered in stuff - my backpack was filled with old papers, dust was starting to collect. Overall, these are not good things to be happening while I'm very busy.

This morning Chad headed back up to Seattle. His spring break started this week, but he had to work. We decided to meet for breakfast nice and early - 6am! We had planned on iHop but for some reason they weren't opening till we headed over to Sherrie's. Surprisingly I enjoyed this much more then I would of IHOP. We had this older lady serve us who was so sweet. It was quiet and no rush and the food was decent to! I enjoyed talking to Chad and calling him a "dork." =) I probably called him that 52 times today! But only because I love him and his personality! haha

SOOO! today, after school I went to the bank then came back and took pictures of the boys rookie Baseball team for yearbook. It was hard because they were just batting, but I tried to make the most of it.

I returned home and did physics and math homework. yuck! Mom brought home little Ceasars which was great! Hadn't had pizza for a while. Returned back to my lit homework. Lately I've just been dragging in that class. She assigns a lot of busy work and I'm not enjoying the Hamlet stuff. But tonight I had a chance to study for tomorrows quiz and was able to finish a couple of assignments not due till thursday.

I read a module in my psych book on psychological disorders.

At work I am only allowed to wear sandals without a foam heal. So fredmeyer's had some on sale, so I went and bought a couple pairs. I like them =)

In between there somewhere, did I mention I dropped my phone in the toilet? Ok! So I always found it hard to believe how people did that -really just keep a better grip on it. Well tonight while I was taking out the trash, I was also trying to talk to Chad on the phone. Not a good combination. Ended up dropping the phone in the toilet. It works right now, but I put it in a bowl of rice for the night just to make sure it still works tomorrow. (Rice takes the moisture out of the phone)

I cleaned my backpack. I have a couple things to leave in classes tomorrow, and then hopefully I'll be able to just start carrying my books around! Wouldn't that be nice! We'll see...

I then cleaned my room up some! Everything's put back. Not very well I must say, but everything is in its place.

Overall, a very successful day that allowed me to catch up. Even if it is 12:38am right now, I'm energized and not stressed at all because of how my day went.

I decided I want to buy a pair of Toms. It won't be for a little while, but I really have come to support the cause.

Lately I've had an urge to go to this spot where our family portraits were taken last year, where I went swimming with some of my friends, and where I took Jayanah's senior pictures. I've determined that If I ever needed to get away and set back for a while. That is where I would go. It's a small park with a swimming beach. It is beautiful when the sun is shining just right. Ok, its nothing amazing. But the fact that its out of the way of the busy life we live in, and that feeling of getting out into the open air and into more of the country. It's currently my favorite place.

I have an urge to go out there just to sit. Reflect on how beautiful God's creation is. And Stop. Life goes by so fast. The clock ticks and our society follows it to the second. Nature doesn't live to the second. Yes, it goes through seasons, but nature is always at peace with God and itself. I want to live like that. I want to be at peace with God, nature, and the friends and family around me. I don't want to stress about every little thing in life. I make this commitment as things finally start to slow down a little.

I've recently discovered Danny Gokey. yes, He's a country singer. But sorry guys, I love country music. Because the lyrics are about noticing those little things in life.
I pray I won't forget this day of catch up and slowing down,
goodnight friends =)

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