Wednesday, March 10, 2010

.extra discount, good or bad? =).

Hello friends! was a good day. It felt good having that catch up day yesterday. I went through my day as usual, starting my day off with a glass of tea :)

I didn't have much homework today so that was awesome! A few physics and math problems and reading for psychology. I did have to work though so that didn't leave me with any free time but that's ok. I found out that I get an extra 10% discount at work next week - exciting! But not good. haha That means I get 50% off everything. I found a pair of Silver brand capris that fit perfect and a cute dress I can where to Hawaii that I plan on getting. Oh my shopping habits. I tend to just look at it this way - I'll be at college next year and won't have this opportunity. Right? I'm investing in clothes that I will get a good use out of for a long time!

Tomorrow is Every 15 Minutes. A program at our school in which 6 girls and 6 guys are nominated to participate. This year I have that opportunity. I will be taken out of one of my classes on a stretcher, face painted white and put in a black gown and be a 'victim of a drunk driver.' I'm excited, a little nervous, but I think it will have a good impact. I will continue through my normal day 'dead' and not allowed to talk. After school we then go prepare for a skit for the assembly for all seniors the next day then go stay the night in a hotel. I'm not allowed to have my phone on me, so if you try and message me these tomorrow and Friday morning it is likely you will not get a response.

Ok, bed time :)

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