Friday, March 12, 2010

.exhaustion and starsearch.

My blogging habits have been low recently. I appologize! Recently my life has been a little hectic and I'm ready for all this crazy business to end! School, work, photography, homework, balancing family and friend time. The whole idea sometimes makes me want to burst into tears.

Sometimes I question whether I will ever learn to say "no." I've had this problem every year.... and yet I continue to say "yes." Is it my fault I enjoy doing everything?

My day started out with getting ready.... then opening my blinds only to find Chad's car parked in our driveway! I was surprised and my heart started to pump with excitement. I finished blow drying my hair quickly so it wouldn't dry funny, then went down stairs to see him! What a pleasent and joyful surprise! There he was making my family omlets! =) Awesome? Yes. What a guy. He's amazing and I love him. He wasn't supposed to be home till late tonight, but he had driven home for spring break last night and didn't tell me.

Arrived at school and planned star search stuff.

Went through my daily classes as normal. Very tired though. I've been living of 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night for the past several weeks. I'm afraid of how longs this will continue.

Lunch time finished the program for star search and saw the trophies!

After school, I went to work. I was supposed to have to work till 7pm, but my managers had mercy on me and let me off at 6:15 so I was only 30 minutes late to practice.

Rushed over to star search.

Rushed to get everything organized. A little overwhelmed since I came into everything late.

One thing I could NOT say no to was helping to put on star search tonight at Kamiakin. After weeks and weeks of planning, organization, and some chaos and stress, it all pulled together tonight. I thank God for this! Everyone back stage pulled it together marvelously and our MC's did great! I thank everyone so much for all their hard work! There are very few things that I wouldn't have changed. (Except for the fact that sometimes I had to be the  bad guy and I hated that ) I am happy with how it went and hope everyone else enjoyed it too!

Went home, and ate dinner. I hadn't eaten since my side salad from DQ at lunch and I was starving!

Now I sit at my desk, prepared to make it a late night of studying and homework.
Overall today was a success.
goodnight friends,

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