Saturday, March 13, 2010

.she had so much more to live for.

This morning I woke nice and early to get showered. I got ready, made coffee, spilled it all over my hand when my lid broke, and got out to the bus where we were picked up to go to school.

At school we had breakfast then went into the auditorium to practice a few more times. I enjoyed hanging out with some of my new family. It was like leadership camp all condensed into one night. emotional, happy, filled with laughter, all in one night.

before the program started a majority of us got together and prayed, including the police officer who was running the program. Jayanah got people together. And I started us off. It was awesome to be able to take that stand in my faith. Make it known how real and important my relationship with God is to me.

the program started with a slide show of students and all of us who had 'died.' I do get the slide show, so I'll post it up on here.

The skit followed.

We heard Samme's mom talk today. Brought a majority of us to tears. She was a 4.0 student. Worked three part time jobs in college. Knew 5 languages. Was going into the peace corps. She had so much to live for. And it was all taken from her in a split second.

If there was one thing I realized from this entire program, it was to appreciate my family more. I could be gone at any more and would I be ok with leaving them to the last conversation that I had had with them? It made me realize how much I love my family.

I could go on, but its late.
goodnight friends,

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