Saturday, April 24, 2010

.close friends are the best.

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. "
Kahlil Gibran   

Laughter is currently one of my favorite things - whether it is over someone sucking Helium and sounding like the the lady who got shrunk into the cat on Emperor's New Groove - or its from someone else's laughter or smile or character. It is probably one of the most refreshing things. To laugh till your abs are aching and your crying!

This evening I had my 18th Birthday Party! Invite started with 40 people... limited down to 25! Teams were broken up starting with deciding who the drivers were. From there two guys on each team...and then dividing the girls up. Left us with 6 teams.... Turqoise (YAY! my team!), Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Purple! 

We ended up having the party in my house because of the wind. I have never NOT had a birthday party without the wind! So, it resulted in a very crowded downstairs with 25 of my friends. It was seriously one of the best parties I've had! Everyone was from different groups...whether at school or from church. Yet, I think everyone got along really well and got to meet new people in their teams! I'm so glad for this! 

We ended up leaving a little later then expected because of a few late people.... we had an hour and a half to go complete as many of the 20 tasks as possible. 
Some of the tasks included taking pictures of....
taking tickets at a ticket booth
Entire team in a boat
Entire team in a convertible
Entire team in a fountain
Entire team doing a pyramid under a statue
The entire team in a tree
Two team members with a farm animal
The entire team on a swing set
One team member dancing with a stranger
One team member pumping gas for a stranger
Sitting in drive through
The entire team on a crosswalk like the Beatles album....

It was seriously so much fun! When time to go, everyone ran to their cars and raced to get down the street. We had some fun mall cop stories to tell and Hergy could tell you a story of having to go home because his dad caught him speeding down his street.... 

My team consisted of Eric, Raudi, Jayanah and I.
Eric taking tickets
our farm animal at Toys r Us - the lady working there took our picture but told us not to tell her mananger
in a convertible! - we asked some family if we could borrow it and if they could take our picture. haha
Eric dancing with a stranger
posing with manikins in a store window
 our Beatles pose - Eric asked the car to stop for a second so we could take our picture...haha I thought it was pretty creative
random picture - but Eric didn't believe me that he was missing a lens from his glasses. When I asked if I were to put my finger through his frame, would I touch his eye. He said no...I did it and he was very surprised to find out he was missing his lens! haha moment
i don't know. lol 

me trying to get over there with the self timer--- falling in in the process. haha :)
creative picture - raudi with Mormon missionaries. lol
jumping in front of a sunset - this took a billion tries thanks to Raudi and Eric. Good thing the random girl taking it was patient!

Raudi Burried
in a drive through
everyone on the swing set
pumping gas for a stranger - the lady looked so scared when we approached her as she sat in her car! haha

everyone in a tree - after Eric attempted to stop an old lady in her car, running after her, so she could take our picture AND he tried to stop mall security so they could take our picture. haha
everyone on a fastfood playground!

and of course a pic from each of the other teams! 
Green - Jay, Gio's cousin, Gio, Hergy, Svea
Pink - Chris, Edward, Katherine, and monica
Purple - Stephanie, Eileen, kaile, and Amy

Red - Laura, Grace, Ryan and Andrew
yellow - Kari, Jessi, Drew, and Hunter

Sorry for the abundance of pictures! We came back, then hung out and played games like catch phrase and apples to apples...the last people leaving at 12:30. A great night! =) and a great 18th!


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