Monday, April 26, 2010

.mud pie.

this morning was a special morning! The morning Hergy would ask Kaile to Prom! And because he got his keys taken away from him for a week the other night at my party, I ended up picking him up and taking him to school at 6:35 so that he could get his poster up that read "Kaile Erhart Prom...? <3 Hergy =) " He was so nervous about asking her! haha

I convinced Kaile to meet me in the library to study for a little bit before school so she parked in band lot. When she came walking into the library she was smiling, laughing, and her cheeks were nice and pink. When I asked her why she was pink and laughing, she just gave me this look and smiled.

She ended up texting her mom 4th hour and at lunch and was able to pull together something for a response for 6th hour. She had a mud pie with the answer inside. In order to get to the answer, Hergy could not use his hands or a spoon. As Hergy slowly started to eat it, Raudi and I had the same idea and ended up pushing the pie into his face. It was quite funny!

I received a little bit of encouragement this morning regarding my photography! Mr. Speakes (my old photography teacher at Kamiakin) told me that one of his professional      photographer friends had asked him whether He knew me or not. Apparently she was going to add a photography friend of  mine from my photography facebook page. She ended up looking at my work and liking it a lot! She told Mr. Speakes that she was very impressed. I was excited to receive a compliment like this!

After school we went and picked up Jayanah's prom dress. Vintage and pretty!

I didn't have any homework so I spent the entire afternoon studying for AP tests....yuck!

I went to younglife for the third time this year! I ended up hanging out with Amy Ladendorf for most of it, which is strange because we never used to talk till yearbook this year. She's a sweetie and I love her!

It's now time for bed! My mom is treating me to iHop in the mornign for my Birthday breakfast so its a early morning:)

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