Tuesday, April 27, 2010

.to turn [18].

As I write this I complete one of the best birthdays yet! My day went like this....

Woke up too early for my birthday morning - 4:30am. But the reason was totally worth it. My mom and I left the house at 5:55 and we went and dropped my car off at school. We then drove to iHop where we were the only ones in the restaurant. Kind of weird, but who else gets up for breakfast at 6am on a Tuesday morning! I ordered a glass or orange juice and the meal with pancakes (with cheesecake filling and strawberries on top) and eggs and bacon. Perfect start to a birthday day! Before our food came, mom surprised me with a little boxed wrapped ever so perfectly with a bow on top. I opened the card attached and then the present. Inside the box was a small jewelry box with a pearl necklace inside. As I pulled the beautiful necklace out I found a note that let me know of the necklace. My grandma had received it when she turned 16 from my great grandma...my mom received it when she was 16...and now I was receiving it at 18. I was very honored and had to hold back a few tears in my eyes. haha =) It matched perfectly with the outfit I was wearing!

I went to first hour where I sat and crammed for the AP test to come.

Second hour Jayanah and mom brought cupcakes for Jarrett and I to share with the class. (we both share a birthday). They were delicious :) I then went down to the office where I found a red vase of 18 red roses from Chad =) It was sweet. I carried my roses around all day, because I never had a chance to take them to my car. haha

Third hour they sang to me very loudly! It was great though. We AP reviewed and made plans for DQ for lunch!

4th hour we watched a video...

and Lunch was my favorite fast food place DQ! woop woop! I got my normal kids chicken strips, with french fries and ranch. This time though, I also got a chocolate and caramel blizzard! IT was delicious...kind of like a Milky Way!

5th hour I was surprised with 4 boxes of lucky charms! haha. Last year Garrett Anderson had said that he was going to get me my favorite cereal for my birthday...well he forgot when it came time. So this morning, he realized again that he had forgotten. So at lunch he had went and got lucky charms and had them delivered to the my 5th hour. It was quite the surprise!

So here I am walking out of 5th hour, with a vase of 18 roses, 4 boxes of lucky charms, my purse, and my binders because today was the one day I didn't bring my backpack to school! haha I don't think I could have drawn any more attention to myself. haha

My family and I went to Olive Garden tonight for dinner and it was delicious! Came back and had blueberry stack cake and opened presents.

This is the cool ring that mark got me - it says "Be the Change you wish to see in the world." I love it.

Jayanah and mom both got me gift certificates so that I could get my makeup and nails done for Prom next Saturday.

And then I got money to buy things I'll need for Hawaii! :)

My Dad gave me a picture frame of him and I up at northwest. He gave me a letter that made me tear up. I think it was everyone's goal to make me tear up at least once! haha.

this was my amazing birthday though. Simple, but I felt the love from those I loved around me!

PS I ordered my maroon TOMS :)

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  1. whoohoo! i'm excited for your toms to come! you'll love them! i'm glad you had a great birthday. you are such an amazing girl and you truly deserve the best! i love you elizabeth!