Saturday, April 24, 2010

.laughter is the greatest workout for the heart and body.

I have pictures for today's blog but not uploaded.
The day went as follows:

6:00 - realized I forgot to turn on my alarm last night
6:55 - leave for school, my steering will still making a really loud and funny noise
7:00 - filled up my car at the Shell station. (I was going to go last night but decided 10 o'clock at night and by myself was probably not the smartest idea)
7:10 - arrived at school in time to get my parking spot in Band
7:15 - went into AP Physics like normal and hung out with all my smart friends who also show up to class early. haha
7:35 - physics! Went through a review packet
8:30 - walked with Kaile and went to ASB
8:35 - ASB, nothing to exciting
9:30 - saw the smiling faces of my bestests monica and Kaile and walked to McGuiness' class together
9:35 - wrote a nasty in class essay and found out some sad new about Mrs. McGuiness. So this past year she has lost her father, father in law...and today her husband went into the Emergency room and ended up having surgery this afternoon for internal bleeding. I am praying for their family. they have been through A LOT this year. I hope you will also keep her in your prayers
10:35 - watched a social class video from the 80s (haha) in psychology. It was actually really interesting to watch.
11:30 - lunch time! we met in band lot (kaile, jayanah, monica, emily, ashley hurd, ben, someone else i don't know, Raudi, and Ryan) and sat around listening to music...siting in lawn chairs and on cars. It was very fun to hang out there!
12:15 - pre calc! finished homework in class
1:15 - Yearbook. Laughed over more awkward and funny moments. Oh some great laughs in the class.
2:10 - bough Prom tickets - YAy!
2:30 - went with Kaile to go talk to the lady who is doing our hair for Prom. She has an appointment at 1 and mine is 1:30 so I think we will go together :)
3:00 - went into my work to talk to my boss about cutting back my hours. I was really nervous that she wouldn't be happy but she completely understood! i'm glad about this! A blessing and prayer answered.
4:30 - went to applebees with mom and Jayanah for half price apps! Chicken Quesadilla with ranch is delicious! :)
We continued to go shopping for tomorrow night!
9:30 - got home and changed into pjs! Kaile came over to help make the chocolate covered pretzel sticks and put teams together! I'm excited :) Did I mention I'm a messy cook? At least the food turns out pretty good. haha
10:00 - opened my present from chad for my Birthday. a $75 gift card for TOMS. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited! I've wanted TOMS really badly, just haven't had the money. I can't wait to get on and decide which pair to get :)
12:00 - kaile left. Now it is time to get ready for bed!
nighty night!

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