Friday, April 23, 2010

.capital lights.

Hello blogging friends.
I love how so many people have gotten into blogging. Even though it has been around for a long time and facebook is out there.

I have a horrible habit. And when my stress level heightens, my habit worsens. Yikes! Those of you who know me know what it is. Currently I have a devloped a second bad habit that was really old and I don't like it either.

So I went to school this morning. It was a cold morning. Overcast for the most part.

I took my health final 6th hour! YAY! It was my last graduation requirement and I just have to wait two weeks to get it back. Such a relief.!

After that, I headed home where I finished my homework .I only had math homework and the last literary device of the year! that was exciting! I finsihed some chores around the house then left for work.

When I got to work Corrine told me all about the things she found for my corsage and boutonniere for Prom. I'm very excited that she is making it. I think its going to turn out really cute! :) I mean...manly. (not really...)

Work was good. A really busy night. Especially for a Thursday night!

I listened to Capital Lights all the way home. Oh they are awesome! amazing lyrics and rhythms to my ears! the song currently playing on my playlist is one of their bests in my opinion!

studied for ap lit test a little

now time for bed


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