Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello, My name is Elizabeth and I am a Workaholic. Do you think they have group therapy sessions for that? haha

I, like some others in my family, have a tendancy to work all the time. Do I enjoy this? Not all the time. Like right now.

I work at Maurices 15 - 20 hours a week. So if you think about it, that is several 4 hour shifts during the school week. Those days will either go like this:

5:30 wake up and get ready
6:50 leave for school
7:05 get at school and work on either physics stuff or getting a head start on somethign for the day
7:35 AP Physics Stars and I go through my normal day
2:10 Bell rings for school to get out.
2:45 Arrive at work
3:00 Start my shift
7:00 get off my shift
7:20 get home and eat dinner
7:45 start homework
11:45 finish homework if I'm lucky... and get ready for bed
12:00 blog if I'm not to tired
12:15 bed

This is a typical schedule in the life of Elizabeth. On somedays my 3 to 7 shift is 6 to 10. On these days I always stay up later because I get cut off more in the afternoon.

And for some odd reason I, unlike many other Seniors, can not go to bed till my homework is done. And I can not handle sitting in other classes as teaches lecture doing other classes homework. And that is why I spend so much time on homework.

Yi yi yi and then add involvement. Every year I do this to myself and right now i'm going crazy with work, studying for ap tests, and my normal homework load. I hate complaining. So I guess I should stop talking about this. haha

I guess all i'm saying though is I really wish I wasn't working right now. I'm going to talk to my boss when I see her these next few days about trying to not work till I get back through Hawaii. I'll pray that God will provide all the money for Hawaii without having to pull from any graduation money I happen to get.

this afternoon I took 'model' pictures for Mark, a foreign exchange student the Thailand. He needed portraits for a record deal type thing he is trying to win in Korea. Photography is going international! woop woop! haha It was a neat experience and probably one of the best and most creative shoots yet. I'm excited to get all the pictures up, but here is a peak of the few basic ones I did. i'll post the fun ones up later.

Spent the rest of the night studying for my health final that I take tomorrow. Praying it goes well!

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