Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.missing my music.

Warning: Pictures from Early Years! Do not make fun of my nerdiness! Ones before 8th grade were to dangerous to post! =]
I have recently missed my music. 
Missed my instrument. 
And long to learn the instrument that I plan on learning next - the acoustic guitar. 
I feel like I write about this a lot. 
And I have no clue why it has been on my mind so much. 
I mean it used to be such a huge part of my life.

I played piano for five years before 4th grade. 
5th grade I played violin.
6th grade through 9th grade I played first chair flute. 

 8th grade band trip 
9th grade Winter solo and ensamble

Throughout middle school Mr. Pasma attempted to have me teach myself trumpet and saxaphone so that I could help teach summer band camp at the middle school for 6th graders. 

My flute sits lonely in the corner.
I used to be obsessed with playing it. 
Several hours a day. 
I would find songs on the internet by this German musician who wrote songs. 
The songs pushed me to learn something new everytime.
I remember when Katherine and I learned one of his 8 page duets. 
 It took us 8th grade and 9th grade and we performed it at the music festival at southridge in 9th grade.

After AP testing and this summer I hope to pick my flute up again.
Get back into it.
I want to learn the guitar. 
I can read music and if I really set my mind to it I can figure out how the chords work.

g'night from a previous band nerd.

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