Sunday, April 18, 2010

.something beautiful.

hello life!
this weekend was awesome! Filled with photography classes (some new info, some old) and fun times building closer relationships with my yearbook friends! I hope to post the past few days tomorrow sometime. But who knows with my crazy life.

As far as today goes though... We didn't have to leave the hotel till 11. I autimatically got up at 7:30 though because that is what my body clock is set at. I took my time getting ready considering the other girls were asleap and packed my bags. Just as Kaile got up to shower, I headed out to the hallway of our hotel to turn on my worship music on my iPod and have some time with God. I've been slacking, but God sat and talked as though we haven't lost any time.

I thanked God for how a lot of us on the trip were Christians. This led to some good conversations and I think allowed us to connect a lot easier then we might have if we did not have that in common.

I began to make a list of everything I want to be as a Godly, supportive wife for someone someday and the characteristics I value in a Godly man. As I begun my list, I ended up referring a lot to Proverbs. I gave up on writing it all down and decided that Proverbs is an excellent book to build any relationship on. No, human's are NOT perfect. Far from it. We are not going to have every characteristic in the book of Proverbs, but it establishes a foundation in building the relationship off Christ.. It's encouraging each other to be what God wants us to be as his Children and that is what forms a marriage driven by God. I enjoyed this bit of knowledge from God....

I finished up my God time and went back into the room. I sat for a while and decided to go get Hergy's guitar and bring it back to my room. I attempted to put together chords but failed due to frustration. Gosh I wish I could play this beautiful instrument. I would love to just sit and play and worship God. I get frustrated trying to teach myself though.... hearing people play this weekend has encouraged me to go get my strings fixed and began to practice as soon as AP testing is over.

We stopped at the Hands On Cafe right outside of Portland on our way home. It was this little restaurant that was ran by the students at the small art school in Portland. We ate off of handmade plates and ate fresh food that had been bought the day before for us and made that morning. It was very neat!

Finally got home. Mom planted beautiful flowers in the yard. I went up to do homework. I didn't get a chance to unpack tonight.

Right now though, after a very relaxing and fun weekend, I am extremely overwhelmed over all my essays and homework this next week, working 15 - 20 hours the next couple weeks, studying for AP tests that are in a few weeks and studying for my health final that is thursday. I have no clue how i'm going to fit in all my studying and it is scaring me. It's almost over, but how will I get there? I wish I didn't have to work these next couple weeks, but I can't just ask for it all off or quit! It's a good job!

Going to bed with a stuffed up nose and coming down off a slight fever from being sick over the weekend. Overall though, I had a great time and I'm excited about everything I've learned this weekend.

I'm gonna trust this with God, because I know that their is something Beautiful to come out of all of this (current song playing on page).

Goodnight all!

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