Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Aloha" was the answer I got when I called to make reservations for snorkeling, a luau, and a pearl harbor tour. Oh how different is it to hear it from someone down there! Today after school, Kaile and I met up with Monnie at her house and we planned for Hawaii :) I'm so stoked! Things are finally on its way, and in two weeks I will be lying under the Hawaiian sun with the sound of crashing waves on the shore! I'm so excited to spend 2 weeks with my 2 best friends in one of the most relaxing places ever!

Jayanah gave her last lecture today. It was neat to hear her vocalizing all that she has learned this year. I'm glad to say that she's my sister! I'll bad sad when we part our ways :(

Good night at work. I met my goals which was necessary considering it was my last day for the week!

I'm now about to go pack for my senior trip with my church girlies! So excited to get away, camp for the weekend, and not be able to shower (ok, maybe not that part) but It will be amazing!
Nighty night!

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