Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.word of God Speak.

Wow, slacking...and sad about it. That is my blogging habits.

I will post pictures up sometime later. But for now, today was a busy day. Woke up this morning and got ready. I wore my favorite pair of sandals - my gladiators :)

1st hour was fun. Considering we had permission to leave class and go buy spray paint for our roller coaster! It's going to be awesome! I parked in jock during the school day for the first time ever, when I got back. Garrett and James drove me crazy on the way to and from as they picked apart every little thing about my driving lol - sometimes contradicting things they had said before. Like saying I should have gone, then freaking out because I wasn't going to have enough time (when in reality I had a ton of time!) It was a good laugh.

In asb I gave my last lecture. I actually showed everything in a video. But I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I still felt awkward sitting there watching my own video. I talked a lot about my faith. Which was a stretching point for me, considering I was speaking to my entire class. I would upload the video, but I think its too long :(

The day continued as normal. After school I went home and settled in a lawn chair in the back yard letting the wonderful tunes of Shawn McDonald fill my ears as I pushed in towards God and began to right my Baccaularette speech. To be honest, I'm nervous. I don't look at it as just a normal speech about what i've learned in high school. And I'm not even sure what I'm talking about yet - but God told me just to right and the words will come, so that is what I've started to do.

Lately I've felt like God has blessed me with words of encouragement for others lately. I don't want this to sound selfish, but I can't stop being amazed by how God is giving me words lately. I feel like as I speak, the Holy Spirit begins to speak through me. Even though I don't necessarily have any control of my words. I feel as though I'm growing from even the words that he has given to me that I've been speaking. It is litterally like having no control of your words but yet everything comes out just right. I can't explain it, other then the Holy Spirit... but it fills me with amazing amounts of Joy.

New favorite song....


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