Saturday, May 15, 2010

. blisters and bluebell ice cream.

What a wonderful day! My school schedule continued like yesterday....

Only after school today Jayanah and I picked up Slurpies and headed to my favorite spot - Two River's Park. It is gorgeous and I love it! I needed to film a couple clips there for my last lecture because I wanted to include my favorite spot. The trip out there included climbing in a tree, recording my videos, tanning under the hot sun on the beach, and searching for my point and shoot camera for 10 minutes after it fell out of my pocket while running. I am loving this hot weather!

We headed back in time to help get dinner ready, do our chores, and sing along as mom played some songs on the piano.

Chad came and we had dinner! Lasagna! (also pronounced Laa - sog - nu)

After dinner Chad and I went rollerblading! Ton's of fun! the sun was set perfectly in my sky and it was very chill! I ended up with this huge blister on the side of my foot - the blister about the size of two quarters put together. It hurts really bad! but that's ok, it was worth the fun.

In perfect timing, we met Hergy and Kaile for Ice cream at Outback Steakhouse. Yes, we went in Outback just for ice cream. But no ordinary Ice cream - it was bluebell ice cream! It is serisouly one of the most amazing ice creams - creamy and rich and oh just perfect!

After, Kaile, Hergy, Chad and I all headed back to my house where we attempted to keep our eyes pried open as we watched "Blindside." Hergy had not yet seen it and ended up loving the movie. It was again, a lot of fun!

Now everyone left about 12:25, and it is officially time for bed! :) Thanks for an awesome night Chad! I had fun!

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