Thursday, May 13, 2010

These past three days I feel like have all been running into one - one amazing day! So much relaxation its ridiculous! haha I guess after working my butt off all year and never having anytime for myself has finally paid off. I mean the result was 15,000 in scholarships and loans to go towards my college, all graduation requirements fulfilled, and three AP tests complete. Not to mention going on 9 months of working at maurices.

School has died down to this....
AP Physics - make rockets (my second year doing this)
ASB - misc. projects
AP Lit - ate doughnuts today and watched the movie "Dead Poet's Society"
AP Psych - watch a documentary from a psychology stand point on Charles Manson
Pre-Calc - review packet
Yearbook - misc. jobs to sell the rest of the yearbooks In fact here is hergy advertising for yearbook in a penguin costume....

My backpack has not come out of my car for the past three days and I am very excited about this.

My afternoon was spent working (3-7). It was an enjoyable day and I enjoyed being called "Jazzercize" because of what my capri black slacks ended up looking like with my pink and purple tank tops and pearl headband that made me look like I was from the 80s. :) haha It's ok, they thought it was cute in the end and I'm confident enough to wear it haha

Today i've realized that I've developed several other nicknames to ad to the list of nicknames....
I do not mind this whatsoever as long as I never get called "Beth." haha That's one I will not respond to!

After work I came home and enjoyed some delicious pizza and worked on my last lecture for a bit. Actually just deciding wht I want to put into the video I'm making for it. Last Lectures are what each Senior does in ASB. They give there last lecture about what they have learned in life, in high school, or something they value in life. Pretty much anything. It's finally my turn to give one and I'm going to make it a video! I'm excited if it turns out!

64 graduation announcements ready to travel as far south as Texas, as far east as South Carolina, as far North as Minnesota, and as far west as Washington and Oregon! Yay! All done!

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