Saturday, May 15, 2010

.little moments.

Though I may have wished to go out under the sun today! Here are several things that made work special today:
1. A lady who was 36 years old came into work today - normal situation. Only difference was that she was in a wheel chair and a little slow. Gladys had originally helped her into a fitting room, but I ended up passing her a couple times and eventually asking what I could do for her. She said, well can I ask you a favor. Can you pull my hair back? So I did - and for about the next 30 minutes we shopped together, looking for the tops she saw one of the lady's wearing that just got hired where she was living at. It was a little bit of a challenge and took patience, but I hope that I was able to make her day special. =)

2. I saw Taytum from church.

3. Earlier today there Maurices had helped to provide clothes for a fashion show. After, people have the opportunity to buy the clothes they modeled for 20% off. One of the little girls who was a model (as told to me by Corrine) had a dad who was going through cancer. Every other weekend they were traveling for his Chemotherapy. There was no way that this little girl was going to be able to get any of the items she modeled. Well while I was working, a lady and her 19? year old daughter came in and asked to buy both the outfits that the little girl modeled. She explained that the family was going through the hard time and the girl wouldn't have the chance to get anything - she wanted to do something special for her. I think this is so awesome! I'm glad to see that there are people with such genuine and sincere hearts like this. I can't imagine how excited the girl's face is going to be when she finds out of this surprise!

4. Another one that I can't remember but I thought was important while at work. haha

It was a eight hour day but it went by decently fast. As usual I love talking to the girls I work with. After work I headed to Gaby's house for her 18th birthday! It was fun - we ate cupcakes, sat around the camp fire (where I met new people) and played apples to Apples (in which I won!!!! yeah!!! =) )

this is my day. that's all there is to it. OH, and a very nasty blister is taking its revenge against me!

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