Thursday, May 6, 2010

.callused fingers.

Tonight as a write, my left hand fingers are stinging a bit. It's not a bad thing though and I'm not complaining! It's kind of like when you work out and your muscles get sore after. You don't like the pain, then again you do because it means that you are gaining muscle. When I practice guitar and result with sore fingers it is very much like this. I am currently learning two songs in which I'll be excited when I'm done with them!

This morning was AP Lit test! Can't say I was too excited for it! Before going in though, Kaile, Ryan and I all stopped and prayed for peace while taking the exam, remembering info we've studied and good guessing skills on what we don't remember. I must say that I think it went very well for me. Though nothing in Mrs. McGuiness class truly prepared me for what was really on the test...I hope I did well!

I closed with Gladys tonight! I love that girl! She's such a sweety and I love talking with her- especially about our horrible shopping habits.
Now it's time for bed!

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