Friday, May 7, 2010

This all seems so unreal to me! I do not feel like it's Prom tomorrow. It doesn't phase me at all! I feel like I'm going to wake up graduation morning and not know where the heck time went...

I want to be excited for Prom tomorrow. Bujt for some reason it feels like just another dance... It's senior prom for goodness sakes! It should be awesome! I'm hoping that tomorrow's excitement will build up.

What a wonderful day! I ended up playing cards in 3/6 of my classes! haha Egyptian Rat Race is the best! =) Mrs. McGuines' class because she gave us an "R & R" day (rest and relaxation)... Math because we didn't have another assignment, and yearbook because we had a sub!

Chad came home from school today for the summer...YAY!!!! :) We went to DQ at lunch and hung out for a little bit after school. It was great to see him again but very weird the fact that He is herethe entire summer and not just a few days...

i'm learning my guitar song pretty quickly I believe! AY!

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