Saturday, May 8, 2010

.Senior Prom.

Senior Prom was all that I expected it to be and more! What a wonderful day!

I started off the day going to go set up for Prom. I showed up a half hour late though and it was almost done! I'm used to the 5 hours it takes to set up Prom because of all the cardboard decorations we have to create! They had a place called "Wendy's and Friends" volunteer to let us use the silk flowers and leaves to set up the dance to it looked like a "Secret Garden." It turned out beautiful!

I went home and killed some time before I need to start getting ready by practicing "Here I am to Worship" on the guitar.

Jumped in the shower, and got dressed listening to Jason Mraz Pandora Playlist consisting of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Colbie, and a few others. It was the perfect mix though!

12:45 I left to go watch Kaile get her hair done =) It turned out gorgeous!

2:10 She started my hair. She was running behind and it was making me nervous because I had a nail appointment at 3. It worked out though... I was able to have my hair to the side like I wanted, but didn't think I could do because of the length. I was very happy with how it turned out =)

3:00 Nail Appointment at Salon Monroe! Painted them a deep red! The salon was very modern with neat decorations and fun colors. The only weird thing was that while I was having my nails done, a gay guy who worked at the salon was sitting their painting his nails this weird shade of grey... haha Interesting....

After my nails were complete, a lady wearing a shirt from Maurices did my makeup. It turned out cute =) We laughed as we eves dropped on other peoples dramatic conversations. It was great haha

I had just enough time to go home and get my dress on! It fit perfectly!

5:00 Hergy and Kaile arrived looking great!

5:10, Chad showed up and we began to take pictures =) He looked good! Were a cute couple I might add. haha

This is the corsage and boutenire that my assistant manager at work made!

The others arrived a little bit later and we continued to take pictures.... so many cameras that in some pictures we are all looking different directions!

We waited at my house till 6, when Hergy's parents called and said our table was ready at Olive Garden. When seated a majority of us ordered some sort of Fettuccine Alfredo, whether plain, with chicken, or seafood. In fact, the only person who didn't order this was Hergy. haha It's ok, its good to be unique! Apparently we were supposed to be seated a half hour earlier, but they called the wrong number, so we ended up getting two very delicious, chocolate cakes for free to share. MMHMM :) My dress officially was tighter then when I started out haha It was good though!

We headed to the dance where we had an awesome time! =) It was very fun and relaxed! It was about having fun, friends, and Senior Year. Ah yes perfect! i'm glad Chad got over (at least somewhat) of his feeling weird being old. haha Spent the majority of the night dancing with Chad (of course!), Kaile and Hergy, Monica and chris, and a few others here and their!

After we went to Monnies house! It was Kellen and Kristin, Monica and Chris, Emily and Sean, Randee and Aaron, Kaile and Hergy, Jayanah, Ana, Eilleen, Chad and I. We had french toast and pancakes then watched the movie Leap year! From there Chad took Jayanah and I home and we went to sleep very easily!

Overall one of the best dances yet! the feel was different to it and I'm glad to end Senior year with so many close friends around me! I will be sad to leave them all, but I know that those memories we had will always be there! =)

Thanks everyone for an amazing night!

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