Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is the quick video I put together of all Mark's photos. They are all complete! I took the rest of them to him after school today and then gave him a ride home! I'm really happy with how these one's turned out. Let me know what I can do better....as well as what I did well. =) I'll never get any better if I don't know what I can improve on!

This morning I woke up at my new usual time of 5:50... it's pushing it to get ready in time in the morning so I can leave to get my parking spot. haha

I arrived at school and decided it was much to windy to walk all the way Mrs. Thoelke's office to sign up for Prom pictures, so instead I just went and sat and talked with the others who always show up early to AP Physics. I argued with Josh about how it was cold and windy outside and he, always having to take the opposite side, told me that it was not cold and that it was going to be just as windy all the time in Seattle. I beg to differ. I even had Chris Ordendorf on my side this time. haha.

third and fourth hour consisted of just practice for the AP Exam.

I felt very productive though when MR. Lee let Kaile and I got to the office to sign up for picture times, turn in scholarships, and request my final transcript!

6th hour I ran around with Amy and JR. putting up yearbook fliers. If any of you have not bought your yearbook, you need to! I promise that you will like it! For one reason, I helped to make it :) haha That's not really a reason but it is going to be awesome!

I love my yearbook fam! They're amazing!
I saw this and I had to take a picture.... (J, Hergy, Ryan, Raudi)

Instead of going strait home today I took Mark the rest of his pictures then went jeans shopping at work. I found a pair that fit perfect and I'm planning on wearing them Friday =)

I came home to my wonderful TOMS!!!! Burgundy and perfect! going to match everything and wow are they comfortable.


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