Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.long time.

I've not blogged in a while now...and a lot has happened.

I've learned that God has blessed me as a prayer warrior. I have never prayed so much consistantly in one week. I feel like even just my thoughts are prayers sometimes. And even though I do not completely understand this, I know that God has filled me a new level of peace and calmness about life. I know to a new level what it means to pray constantly! I

This week I have been a little discouraged several times this week by hearing about people who are majoring in degrees like psychology and not being able to find a job because they have no experience. This has made me very aware that I need to get involved in social work in someway while in college.

I've been missing Mexico, missions, Hispanic culture and language recently. I can't wait for the next opportunity to head down there! I posted this song on my facebook status because I love it! It started a conversation with Hiza, a girl from Mexico I was on a mission trip with for a month a couple summers ago. Her words really encouraged me and reminded me that I am not going into this field to become wealthy. I'm going into it because God has called me to reach out to the foster and orphan children. I know he has a bigger plan and I wouldn't dare go against that. If I follow his plan, He will bless me beyond my imagination!

conversation went like this:
Hiza: ohhh....very good spanish...like always....great girl!!!
Me: hey missy! I miss you! Thanks! It's become really week though because I haven't used it in a long time. I can hear and tell what people are saying but speaking on the other hand. haha How are you!
Hiza: well....just remember that your spanish wasn´t bad at all..but your right...is the same with english to me...hahaha....i´m pretty good actually I graduated from college, started theology and photo...miss you too girl...your contagious laugh!!!!....:)
Me: Oh that's so awesome! What did you major in?
Hiza: marketing....=)...i´m so happy....what´s about you?
Me: Cool! I'm finishing up my senior year of high school! haha So ready to graduate! In the fall I'm going to a Christian University and planning on majoring in Psychology so I can go into social work and eventually orphange missions type work! :)
Hiza: really??...that sounds awesome!!! CONGRATULATIONS...of course missions type work...you have such a great heart and full of God´s love.I remember your happy face with the kids at the orphange...I know you are gonna make it and God is gonna do so much through you!!!
Me: aw thank you! that is really encouraging! Because lately all I've heard about is how people in psychology are having trouble finding jobs! So it is a little discouraging. But I really appreciate that! :) So have you stayed involved in doing missions stuff or going down to Ywam?
Hiza: well....long story...haha...but God change my plans just for a little bit and started studying theology..Í´m about to finish and is so important for missions...and I... See More´ve been involved in short missions, soon i´m gonna go to Argentina...and hope go to YWAM soon .. stay strong in what you believe and what God says about you...sometimes we have to quit to some stuffs that bring us happiness for those that doesn´t look so good...but every effort worth to make the dreams of God come true in our lifes...

So,,,, I didn't post that so much for you guys, but for me to remember this conversation if I look back on this blog someday.

Today a friend was going through something... I don't know what it was, but I hate seeing this person so sad and worried about the thing that is going on in their life. I wish I could make everything better...but as I said earlier, I'm learning that prayer is the best way to take care of things out of our control... and to encourage others.

I am finishing pictures at this very moment for Mark. Almost done! 

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