Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.2 days to go.

Holy cow! Two days of school left and I'm actually really sad about it! This is surprising me considering I've spent so many years being excited about getting ready to graduate. I guess I feel like I shouldn't be graduating. Like time came to quick and like I'm not old enough!

This morning I parked in jock lot so I could get the senior week doughnuts! woop woop to seniors! =) My old fashion doughnut was delicious might I add (under class man) haha

First hour we signed yearbooks while playing cards with Charles, Sean, Garrett, James, andrew, and Edward. There are only three girls in that class including me. And the other two hardly ever show up to class! haha Sorry just find this funny....

Third hour Kaile, monnie, Kristin and I performed our play! I think we did pretty awesome personally! We had some improv in there, but for the most part we followed our scripts by memory! Acting is so much fun!

4th hour we watched UP and signed yearbooks. Surprsingly, Kari Miller has not seen that movie yet, so she is laughing the entire time! It's great!  :)

Lunch we made our last slurpee lunch run of senior year!

After school I helped with yearbook distribution

and then went to Jayanah's going away party!
nighty night!

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