Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dear God,
What an awesome day you have blessed me with. This morning started at 3:35am when I grudgingly rolled out of  bed thinking, "what in the world am I doing up right now" and "why did I stay out late bowling last night." haha Though these questions remained in my head shortly though as I started to get an adrenaline rush for the adventure to come! Thanks for keeping me going. I met Kaile there at about 4am with a blanket and a backpack with breakfast and my camera. As we left up the hike, our cars were the only ones in the parking lot. Go figure for this early, right God?

Well I thank you for answering my prayer for safety. The hike up was good. Though burning calves at times, I couldn't wait to sit at the top and watch the sun rise. We did see one rattler on our way up but we stood still as it slithered into it's hole. We made it to the top before the sun rose. Spread out our blankets and settled up on the peak ready to eat our breakfast (mine consisting of an orange, cheerios, and string cheese). As the sun rose I was truly amazed by your beauty! How gorgeous it was! It was absolutely perfect.

Kaile reminded me to slow down and enjoy the nature on the way down. I did happen to step on a rattler snake on my way down but luckily it went as quick into the brush as I ran forward with a scream. Thanks for protecting me and sending your angels. Though the guy behind us did laugh.

You also blessed me at work today. A long day, but the fact that I was going to a bonfire continued to push me.

Bonfire was fun tonight! Thank you for good friends! Raudi is finally back from Honduras. Though sleep deprived he still made it out. He got me this cool bracelet with my nickname on it in my favorite color. Kaile got one too and someone else but I don't want to ruin a surprise on here if it is one. haha He also brought me this cool ring from the ruins back. Very neat. We hung out, talked, played a funny game of shirades, and ate smores.

I recieved an email from Chad after sending him one this morning about what was really going on inside my head. I am content with what is going on now and feel your peace. thank you so much for all of the guidance God. What would I do without you, seriously.

Goodnight God,
In Jesus Name,

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