Saturday, July 10, 2010

.divine diva.

well hello world~

So today was a good day! My knees are sore though for some reason after a long day at work. Being on your feat all the time can get to ya! and boy could i sure use a daily pedicure. haha Work was enjoyable though. Opened with Aubrey. The day went like this - slow, slow, slow, slow, BUSYBUSYBUSY, slow, slow, slow, and uh slow, slow slow, then BUSYBUSYBUSY.... and so on. haha The customer who came shopping with me last Sunday came in and was very disappointed she couldn't buy clothes today. She apologized and said she would be getting paid next Friday and could come in then. She asked when I worked and I told her - she responded with, OK! Cause I don't want to go shopping with anyone but you! haha Made me smile. Even though no matter what your gonna get quality help when you come in and go shopping with us at Maurices!

Lunch break I sat outside in front of starbucks and ate my lunch. I decided it was way too hot though and spent the rest of my lunch break messing around with apps on my phone while it charged in my car. Found a checkbook app and a closest app in which you take pictures of the clothes in your closest and you can coordinate outfits that way. haha Yes, I'm a dork. But what can you expect from someone who works at a clothing store!

After work I headed over to a Mary Kay Party in Pasco that I was invited to by Shannon Gunnion. It was at first awkward because I didn't know anyone. But then I met this girl Meagan, a friend of Shannon's and we hung out for the night. The party made me realize what a small world we live in! The lady who's house it was at (Carol) works with my dad. Her daughter Cassie is in my life group at church! and Shannon (whom I've known since elementary school) know's them through Mary Kay! Such a small world. It was a fun night. Tried this amazing face wash and moisturize that has left my face feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom! haha It's awesome. I won a little makeup pouch in a drawing.

Found out my personality characteristics based off of my lips when kissing. haha We kissed a piece of paper with lipstick on and then compared it styles of kisses. I must say I felt ridiculous and stupid doing this. haha Apparently I am a divine diva! A pretty pout with a full lower lip! haha Apparently....

I ahve a commanding presence and charisma - people are naturally drawn to you.
I relish the spotlight and know just how to flatter people
I am a great flirt with a vivid imagination and always see endless possibilities in a given situation.
I am competitive and love to win.
I appreciate humor in life and try to make light of most situations
I am known ot be relatively fickle - charming one moment, then somewhat emotional ( I don't agree with this one ahah)
I am vivacious, drive and used to achieving my goals
Romantically, you love to be the center of attention, as you adore the spotlight and affection (I don't agree with this one)

Haha. Who knew that how you kiss has to do with your personality traits!

Came home! and ate some dinner. Talked on the phone with Kaile for  30 minutes! good to have her back home in the US! woop woop US!


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  1. "I am a great flirt with a vivid imagination and always see endless possibilities in a given situation" <------ this makes me laugh!