Sunday, July 11, 2010

.undescribable feelings.

What a wonderful day!

Church - had a lady speak out God's words during worship. Saying if your in need of healing come to the alter. Many people did go to the alter. The presence of the Holy Spirit was real and alive. Sometimes when I worship I just start laughing. I don't know why! It's like an overwhelming joy given by the Holy Spirit and I love it! Never felt a feeling like this except when I am worshiping God. It's a true feeling of content-ness and happiness! I can't explain it

Pastor John talked about missions. My heart is just aching to go somewhere next summer. It's like being homesick.... but passionately wanting to go back and serve! I can't explain this feeling either! I'm praying for wisdom as to what to do next summer. Verano de Fuego again in Mazatlan and Guadalajara? Homes of hope for a couple weeks with a team that I would put together? Does God want to send me somewhere else or have me do something else? It's all in God's hands. But I know He has big things for next summer and I'm stoked!

This is the drama that a group of students performed while in Guadalajara on a mission trip that they just returned from. They did an awesome job performing it at church this morning!

Target - killed time at Target till work at 11:30. I saw Kylie Johnson and talked with her for a few minutes. good to see her again! She has such an amazing heart!

Work - busy busy. Challenged to return encouragement to someone who treated me rudely like my mission this morning.

Home - Steak for dinner! mmhmm!

Identity - Well when I first arrived Aleina was there. It was her second time there. I first met her when she came two weeks ago. She is going to be a freshman at Liberty in the fall. She was nervous again tonight so I hung out with her! Introduced her to people. I wish there were other girls who would take her "under their wing" and get to know her and introduce her to others. Not that I can't, but I'm leaving in the fall and she needs friends her own age. I did end up taking her and Natalie Sanders to go get free slurpees at 7-11 before youth. Only to find out that the machine was broken! I was so disappointed! I swear they just pulled the plug and called it broken....

Youth was awesome. Talked about committing to Christ and not just being curious. After youth we played an intense game of dodge ball. Fun stuff.

Headed over to walmart with Tori to buy Birthday Cake ice cream sandwiches! mmhmm delicious! Never had them before.

We then went to Applebees with lots of people from youth. Only because we were late, ended up sitting at a smaller table with Chris and John and the Tori and I. It was still fun though!

Now it's time to go to bed after I edit pictures while listening to the new jack johnson cd! woop woop!

nighty night!

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